Imagine a Shared Space for Technical Strategy and Collaborative Iteration that accelerates UX production, creating a nimbler, more reactive development environment.
• Manage UX change globally—a faster way to manage and update dynamic user experiences
• One source of ‘truth’ through an automated design system
• Version control within the design process
• Improved status visibility across teams
• Synchronized with your ALM tool (e.g., Jira)
• Automated propagation of styles and properties, digestible into Dev codebase
• Allows Dev to align early and build components in parallel

UX Accelerator Offerings
From analysis to staffing, we can custom tailor and right-size the ideal solution for you.

Systems Analysis
We will analyze your current tools, processes, integrations & environment to assess the best way to migrate to a design automation system.

We will build a tokenized Figma instantiation of your current design system, integrated into a code repository, suitable for integration with front-end UI development.

KT & Training
We will work with your design & development teams on Figma training and process adjustments to gain maximum efficiencies  n time, cost & quality

If you want to augment your staffing, we can provide highly trained design & development professionals to fill resource gaps & fast ramp the new tool.

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