[Fireside Chat] The Impact of UX Research on your Business Strategy

This webinar covers the strategic value of UX research and having research professionals with a holistic perspective on the team. The purpose is to demonstrate that the value of UX/CX research extends beyond the tactical benefits of building the best app or device for end-users to complete a specific project into the realm of strategy and business planning and mapping at the enterprise level.

The conversation will include:
•A broad definition of UX research.
•Illustrate why UX research practitioners can make significant contributions to high-level business decision-making.
•"Building the right thing" at the project deliverable level.
•The distinctions between research that informs business strategy and research strategy.

Guest speakers:
Dr. Racine Brown, Manager of User Experience Research and Business Analysis
Matthew Gessler, Director of Digital Experience


[Webinar] Strategic and Tactical Enablers for Achieving Digital Transformation


Radiant CEO Dr. Shankar Rachakonda was honored to deliver the keynote presentation at the Federal Digital Transformation Conference in April 2021. His 45-minute presentation offered a tactical view of digital transformation and was one of the highlights of the virtual conference.

[Webinar] Open Finance: Having a conversation instead of a transaction


An engaging conversation on how digital transformation within financial institutions enhances customer engagement with our guest speakers, Kaushal Shah of SWIFT and Radiant Digital's CEO, Shankar Rachakonda.

We have all been busy with enabling different transactions and value-added services for our customers in the past. We will now apply AI on top and come up with more contextual and relevant content and service. But to take the engagement to the next level, we should focus on it being a conversation and not just a transaction. As in sales, we talk about open-ended questions and train our reps to do so. From day one, it is time to move from a "transaction," a close statement, to an open conversation. APIs have been a stepping stone on this front and helped us incrementally improve this experience, but what could take it even further is "APIs & Event Management" as a backbone that enables these conversations.

[Webinar] Explore the origins, current state, and future of RPA


Radiant has tracked RPA solutions for over a decade and has been part of its evolution. Chandra Alluri shall discuss its origins, share insights on its current state, and how it will morph in the future to alleviate the pain points in software engineering and IT & Business operations. Connect with us to learn how our RPA solutions can help you!

[Webinar] Avoid the Hype Cycle and deploy AR at scale



In partnership with Scope AR, Radiant presents: "Avoid the Hype Cycle and deploy AR at scale." In this webinar, co-founder of Scope AR presents a novel approach to the Hype Cycle, observing at each point that very early on, much like the technology’s journey through the Hype Cycle, the customer themself goes through a similar cycle as well. Follow the customer journey through the technology trigger, the peak of inflated expectations, the trough of disillusionment, the slope of enlightenment, and the plateau of productivity. Then, demonstrate how to avoid the "Hype Cycle" and gain productivity in deploying AR at scale. Our partner, Scope AR, created the software, and our company, Radiant, handles the custom content development for our clients. Connect with us to know more about using AR with learning and training programs.