Radiant Digital Solutions joins ServiceNow Partner Program

Vienna, VA, July 28, 2022 -- Radiant Digital Solutions (Radiant) today announced it has joined the ServiceNow Partner Program to provide implementation and integration services to help its customers recognize continuous value from their digital transformation initiatives. Radiant is accelerating digital transformation with ServiceNow Customer and Employee Experience and with Technology and Operating Excellence engagements.

“We are very excited about this partnership. It strengthens our ability to help our customers become more agile, efficient, and competitive,” said Radiant Senior Vice President Jon Clark. “We are focused on delivering high-quality outcomes for our customer’s digital transformation strategy, and with the ServiceNow® Platform, we can deliver modernized workflows much faster.”


About Radiant

Radiant is a value-driven organization focused on outcomes while delivering advanced and innovative solutions across the digital enterprise. We provide digital transformation and digital experiences that are aligned to support our client’s needs to be more operationally efficient, more competitive through insight into their customers, and have a motivated and knowledgeable workforce.


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For more information, please visit https://radiant.digital or https://www.linkedin.com/company/radiant-digital-solutions

Radiant and Dojo partner to scale digital transformation and cloud at the "industry-level"

Seattle, WA - Radiant Digital and Dojo Partners announced a partnership to bring Radiant's global capabilities in digital design, rapid prototyping, cloud transformation, and sector leadership with Dojo Partners’ approach to industry-level corporate growth planning. Radiant Digital is a leader in delivering and enabling advanced and innovative solutions across the digital enterprise.

“Immersion in customer needs and an obsession with using data and cloud to address real-time personalization has always been a part of our core DNA. Partnering with Dojo allows us to ignite a vision that can work at the industry level, such as retail, transportation, manufacturing, financial services, and many others," said Jon Clark, SVP at Radiant Digital.

“Radiant has an exceptional track record at building world-class digital experiences for globally relevant brands and truly putting the user at the center,” said Dheeraj Batra, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Dojo Partners. “Bringing Dojo's history of research, growth planning, and venture portfolio development together with Radiant allows any client to develop a vision and roadmap for the cloud and IoT future. We can then bring that to life using the most contemporary design and development best practices,” Batra added.

“Our partnership with Dojo Partners is significant because it allows customers of every shape and size to align user experience, disruptive digital transformation, and customer engagement at the industry level,” said Jon Clark. “Moreover, as IoT, cloud, DeFi, digital twin, and other immersive tools continue to emerge, our teams can factor all of those ideas into a horizon 1,2, and 3 roadmaps for clients to see results immediately and then scale over time” said Clark.

About Radiant

Radiant Digital delivers advanced and innovative digital transformation solutions that align with their client’s needs to be more operationally efficient and competitive. Radiant’s solutions help their clients reduce costs, advance agility, increase customer insight, and improve employee skills and knowledge. To learn more about Radiant, please visit www.radiant.digital or www.linkedin.com/company/radiant-digital-solutions.

About Dojo Partners

Dojo Partners is a new consulting firm that brings strategy, design thinking, and programs realization together to drive corporate growth and innovation. Dojo Partners build solutions that bring disruptive digital solutions to large, mid, and small-cap enterprise customers across a wide variety of industries. To learn more about Dojo Partners, please visit www.dojopartners.com or www.linkedin.com/company/dojo-partners.