Systems of Insight

Through the power of analytics, Radiant helps clients meet customer needs faster and more accurately.

We offer data accessibility, analytics, and integration consulting and services to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance operations.


We assist organizations in achieving the desired maturity level to meet business needs. Wherever you are on the path to full analytics maturity, we will apply our expertise, skilled resources, and strategic partners to help you move forward.

Our analytics services, including data warehouse, data integration, data quality, data governance, content management, event processing, database administration, analysis tooling, and visualization.

Our data architects and analysts will help you optimize the information and discover hidden data value.

Big Data

The volume of generated data is growing exponentially. Management of petabyte-scale data sets for analysis is now commonplace. Issues such as system maintenance, information security, and rapidly changing standards demand new approaches for dealing with data at this scale. Big Data is not a single technology but rather a host of solutions; Radiant will demystify all the possible pieces to build a solution tailored to your needs. Also, our institutionalization principles and change management services will help enhance big data capabilities.

Data Analytics

Big data analytics allows organizations to harness large volumes of data, gain deeper insights, and make data-informed decisions. The data analytics product marketplace is rapidly changing, and determining the best solution to meet your unique business objectives can be a daunting task. Radiant is product-agnostic; we will provide an unbiased perspective to help you identify the optimal solution mix. We can help you address your current and anticipated data volume, manage a variety of data types, and select the best tools and processes to produce true value from your data.

Data Integration

Understanding the relationships between disparate data sources is essential for data analytics. The Radiant team has a dedicated focus on data integration, experience working with various data formats and integration approaches, and the ability to align technical innovation and business processes with business needs. Our team will help you implement the right data integration technology based on your unique criteria.

Data Visualization

Every analysis program has unique visualization requirements. Radiant maintains strategic relationships with multiple data visualization and discovery partners. Our analysts will help define your needs and develop effective solutions.

Analytics Services


Learning & Organizational Change

Human Performance

Organizational Change

Program Development

Custom Learning Content

Learning Systems

Radiant Provides

  • Needs Assessment & Analysis
  • Intervention Planning
  • Instructional Design
  • Regulatory/HSE Compliance
  • Knowledge Management
  • Change Management
  • Technical Documentation
  • Program Development

  • Program Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Augmented Reality
  • Application Development
  • Desktop and Mobile
  • Learning System Support
  • System Integration


Radiant takes a holistic approach to knowledge transfer and performance improvement. Our robust software development expertise complements our vast experience in the fields of adult learning and change management. We create solutions that enable our clients to grow the skills of their most valuable assets: their people.

Radiant couples technological innovation with tried and tested organizational development approaches to improve learning outcomes. We help our clients grow employee expertise and nurture talent.

Drawing on our experience in mobile application development, augmented/virtual reality, simulations, motion graphics, serious games, and gamification, we help our clients create meaningful and measurable change within their organizations.


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Human Performance Improvement

Radiant will identify performance gaps, as well as their underlying causes, and make recommendations that will maximize your resources.

Change Management

Radiant will design the correct blend of communication, training programs, and support tools that you need to manage organizational change successfully.

Program Development

Radiant will analyze the knowledge, capacity, and motivational factors that affect your employees to develop programs that achieve tangible results.

Custom Learning Content

Our experts will help you design and develop effective custom training specific to your organizational needs across all delivery types CBT, ILT, vILT, video, print, and AR.

Program Development

We will support you with custom application development, LMS/LRS/LCMS vendor selection, systems integration, change management, and ongoing maintenance and administration.

We help our clients align change initiatives with business objectives.

From supporting a single initiative to developing an entire program, we have the expertise to help you foster continuous improvement and promote an organizational learning culture.

Digital Communication

We understand that supporting digital transformation initiatives goes far beyond modernization.

The human aspect is the most critical. That’s why we offer digital communication to enhance the rollout and adoption of these initiatives.

We consider all stakeholders’ needs – executives driving strategy, employees executing work, collaborating with partners, and engaging customers.​ Through digital storytelling, we find that engaging stakeholders and communicating critical information are crucial to success.

Motion Graphics

We help the most influential brands tell stories to educate and inform through creative still and motion graphics for use on the web, in trade shows, internal communication, and external marketing.


To ensure proper business application and value, we work with clients to determine the best approach to planning and executing immersive technology solutions.

Program Support and Communication

We develop 2D, 3D, and video production, delivering our client’s most crucial information to internal or external audiences. Further, we use motion graphics and traditional graphic design to help support change management and learning initiatives.

3D Demo Reel

2D Demo Reel

Augmented and Virtual Reality

We create augmented reality and virtual reality experiences that help transform businesses.

We work with our clients to uncover AR/VR opportunities that show measurable impact through the entire product lifecycle and customer experience. The benefits include:

Highly effective and immersive training

Engaging Sales and Marketing

Cost-effective and immersive product design – IoT and Digital Twin

Efficient and effective Field Service

Radiant will help you understand the potential of immersive media for your industry and design applications that align with business goals. We help you know the best hardware and software platforms for your unique requirements.

We help customers through every step of the maturity model.

We work closely with our clients to create and deploy 3D videos. 3D helps engage the user and to visualize hard to image concepts better. We develop technical videos demonstrating features and benefits for products and services; marketing videos to attract and engage target audiences; and hybrid videos that support cross-functional communication.

Please contact us to preview our motion graphic portfolio or to speak with one of our consultants

Enterprise UX

Imagine capturing significant cost savings while increasing employee productivity and enhancing corporate culture. That’s Enterprise UX.

Enterprise User Experience (EUX) is a user-focused experience design and optimization of your employees’ enterprise systems, internal tools, and software. EUX can enhance the experience of productivity tools used throughout your organization, such as:

  • Network operation systems
  • HR portals
  • Inventory tracking systems
  • Content management systems
  • Intranet sites
  • Proprietary enterprise software
  • And more…

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”

– Leonardo da vinci


Radiant provides a roadmap for eliminating user experience obstacles and maximizing the value of your IT portfolio.


– Edward Tufte

In knowledge-based work, an efficient, usable, and delightful human-computer user interface yields a more productive workforce and benefits both the bottom line and employee morale.

Enterprise applications present unique challenges to user experience design. The “consumerization of IT” means that user expectations, informed by their experiences with commercial mobile and web apps, are very high. However, resources to meet those expectations are limited, and user experience design is often deprioritized.

Learn how Radiant executed a EUX program for the Network Operations Center for a large telecom.

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Processes, domain terminology, and application stacks are typically very complex and industry-specific. Meanwhile, enterprise user experience designers must manage large and varied stakeholder groups with conflicting perspectives and priorities.

Radiant has developed a research-driven EUX methodology to navigate these challenges. We eliminate barriers, advocate for the user, and develop solutions with iterative, data-driven decision-making.


We apply user-centered design practices within the enterprise to increase user productivity, acceptance, and satisfaction.

The Radiant methodology provides a roadmap for eliminating obstacles to a good user experience and realizing the maximum benefits from your enterprise software.

Our methodology, Continuous Adaptive Planning, and Design (CAPD), emphasizes continuous work product delivery and incorporates constant feedback.

Continuous Adaptive Planning and Design is an Agile approach that harnesses stakeholder perspectives, embraces change, and reduces risk.

While the road to platform optimization is challenging, the goals are simple. The true return on investment will be realized when the user experience achieves the following qualities.


Aware of the user’s goals by bending the technology to the user, rather than vice versa.


Focuses on the task, not the process, by matching the user’s mental and conceptual models.


Reducing the user’s cognitive load by making it straightforward and fast.


Account for the users beyond the interface

Talent Acquisition

We work with companies in multiple industries to provide IT professionals for contract, temporary or permanent positions.

Our dedicated sourcing management team is committed to shortening hiring times while reducing the cost of top-level talent. Our process and experience ensure that our customers meet their hiring and project goals.


Working with the right team every day builds momentum and ensures the best delivery. However, businesses often need to scale quickly to solve new problems and meet deadlines. Finding the right technical resources to complete key projects is integral to success.

Finding the Best Candidate

Our objective is to find the right IT professionals that meet our customers’ business needs. As experts in the IT industry, we fully understand the qualification requirements for a broad range of positions. Our screening processes ensure that candidates have the necessary skill set for the role and that they are a good fit for the organization.

Streamline Your Hiring

Developing and posting job requirements, multiple phone and in-person interviews, and weeding through ill-qualified candidates take the time that most don’t have. Instead, our clients have us do the legwork for them. Our flexible approach allows us to handle any aspect of the recruiting and screening process, and we will only submit qualified candidates. We are committed to saving our customers time and money, giving them the ability to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Scalable Staffing Solutions for VMS

With today’s vendor management systems (VMS), a Managed Services Program (MSP) relies on its suppliers to fill positions. Having a strong staffing partner dedicated to the MSP and the customer is key to success. We can harness our scalable recruiting model and shift our recruiters to accommodate various client contingent workforce spikes. We have offshore teams that are managed by onshore leads to help ensure top quality candidates are engaged. We rank 13 out of 139 vendors in one of the largest wireless providers, VMS.



Cost Control

With access to a vast pool of highly trained consultants, Radiant provides resources that meet business objectives. We work directly with your team to identify fast, flexible solutions while containing recruiting, on-boarding, and training costs.


Our recruitment process ensures we identify, vet, and transition resources quickly and seamlessly. We conduct comprehensive business and background checks on all consultants.

Technical Expertise

Our team of consultants offers expertise across multiple technology domains, allowing on-demand scalability. A thorough analysis of technical and soft skill-sets assures our consultants function as strategic team members.

Flexible Contracts

Radiant supports multiple staffing arrangements, including temporary, contract-to-hire, and direct hire. This allows clients to determine the staffing model that best meets their business goals.

Infrastructure Services

Our expertise and services cover the modernization transformation spectrum.

We deliver services and solutions across the IT Transformation spectrum that enables the digital enterprise.


We use proven frameworks with innovative tools, technologies, and processes to develop, deploy, and manage intelligent IT infrastructures.

We apply processes that continuously improve and increase the effectiveness of IT operations while reducing costs. Radiant is experienced with transitional data center technologies and approaches and cutting-edge technologies in the fields of Next Generation Data Centers and Cloud Computing.


Radiant has extensive experience planning, managing, and executing Infrastructure Management projects with the appropriate level of rigor and control, using proven methods and expertise to ensure the business can continue uninterrupted.

Our approach focuses on the alignment and optimization of all critical infrastructure elements in an enterprise to drive business value. We efficiently execute intelligent infrastructure strategies that enable the digital enterprise.

We provide IT service management for traditional infrastructure operations.

Data Center:
(end-to-end management) monitoring, health checks, HW/SW upgrades, application deployment, SLA management, installation management, and inventory support

Builds, configuration, testing, backup

Manage space, backup, application deployment, performance tuning

Testing and compliance

Tier 1:
Escalation procedures, change management, security, technical documentation, knowledge management

Disaster recovery planning, testing, and execution

Program management and special projects

End-to-end lifecycle training and support


Companies are always looking for greater efficiency, reliability, and agility with their current systems.

Radiant works to modernize current IT infrastructure by enhancing and optimizing processes and procedures, evaluating and upgrading tools, and creating a framework for optimal operations.

Whether implementing a disaster recovery plan or implementing a DevOps model, Radiant creates maximum value for your current assets.

We provide IT service management for traditional infrastructure operations.

Cloud Transformation Strategy
Architect and configure “on-premise,” cloud, and hybrid according to business need and design specifications.

Cloud Compliance
Business advisory in the development of cloud compliance framework

Application Migration
Migration planning, design, build, and testing using a mature cloud migration methodology.

Organizational Change
Create a framework for communication, knowledge transfer, and educational activities

Cloud Security
Develop cloud security frameworks following best practices

Cloud Architecture
Leverage tools and frameworks for the architecture and design of cloud models

Process Optimization
Identify and eliminate performance gaps integrate higher levels of Agile and DevOps principles.

Cloud Operations
Build the framework necessary for migration, process optimization, and operation


Companies are looking to execute a cloud strategy for IT modernization to achieve cost savings, reliability, and agility.

Assessing, planning, migrating, and managing systems without disruption to the business can be a herculean initiative. Radiant will help you gather a complete understanding of your current state and then develop a comprehensive blueprint for building and migrating applications and systems to the cloud platform that best meets your needs.

We help determine if a cloud strategy is truly warranted, and if so, the best method to minimize disruption. We help establish a cloud framework that enables optimal delivery of applications and operations with continuity across cloud instances and legacy systems.

Radiant Cloud migration value benefits

  1. Experienced personnel with knowledge of modernization tracks, application architecture and engineering, DevOps/release, testing, and deployment for the rapid pace of modernization.
  2. Frameworks, tools, and technologies that help align project execution and outcomes with business drivers.
  3. Use tools/accelerators to help reduce labor costs, increase deployment speed, and create high-quality documentation/artifacts.
  4. Flexible engagement model for proper resource type and scalability throughout the project and beyond.
  5. Expertise in traditional environments, cloud migration, and cloud operation.
  6. Leverage DevOps principles for rapid development and deployment.

More value drivers


To increase efficiency, reduce cost, and increase delivery speed, Radiant will help your organization adopt and institutionalize emerging practices such as DevOps. We effectively combine Agile methodologies with DevOpsSec tooling and CI/CD infrastructures to develop robust, scalable software systems in complex and demanding environments. We have expertise in demonstrating how DevOpsSec helps ‘business owners’ and development, test, and operations teams collaborate to reduce the application development life cycle.


Companies continuously strive to bring better quality applications to their ecosystem faster. Whether running API-driven, cloud-based applications, or service-oriented architecture, Radiant brings the experience to accelerate application development and testing while improving quality and reducing costs through virtualization strategies.


Passwords are not secure; they are costly to your organization and cause customer frustration. What if you could remove the need for passwords while increasing the security and ease at which customers access your services? Radiant protects the world’s most precious assets through strategic partnerships, ensuring people are who they say they are and no one else can.

Digital Health

In partnership with world-class researchers and clinicians, we create powerful, individualized learning experiences that empower individuals to realize positive change.

Radiant bridges the gap between rigorous behavioral science, expressive media, and thoughtful user experience design.


Through creativity and appropriate use of technology, Radiant is committed to solving complex digital health challenges. We help providers, practitioners and researchers develop innovative, evidence-based programs that promote engagement, impact, and effectiveness.

Radiant works in diverse environments, from large research hospitals to universities and Fortune 500 companies. We are agile, responsive, and flexible; we can design an optimal mix of on-site staff, off-site project delivery, or global delivery to suit our customers’ needs.

Our emphasis on rigorous screening, ongoing skills training, and methodical knowledge management ensures that we recruit and retain top talent.

Finally, we provide centers of excellence, encouraging our staff to stay current on the latest tools and technologies and help our customers evolve along with technology.


User Discovery & Research

Radiant employs iterative, data-driven approaches to develop solutions that achieve the highest standards of functionality and ease-of-use. Our expertise includes focus groups, collaborative design workshops, individual interviews, contextual inquiry research, usability testing, and more.

Intervention Strategy

Radiant has unique experience in translating theory-based behavioral intervention models into compelling interactive digital experiences. Our process involves identifying determinants of change, developing interactive media to operationalize change strategies, and embedding change and process measures into the technology stack.

User Experience Design

Radiant provides comprehensive User Experience (UX) design services, including user research, interaction design, interface implementation, and empirical evaluation. We work in partnership with our clients to craft delightful user experiences that increase user adoption, engagement, and satisfaction, maximizing the possibility of realizing meaningful change.

Software Development

Radiant delivers robust software systems in complex, demanding, and collaborative environments. We design, develop, deploy and manage custom web and mobile applications, and our team has vast experience in modern software languages and practices.


Our user research services extend to evaluation for user acceptance and usability. Also, Radiant has deep experience supporting rigorous research projects, including RCTs. We provide process support, data management, participant support services, and more.

Games for Health

We design immersive game-based experiences that increase engagement and promote learning, providing innovative platforms for delivering health interventions.


Evidence-based Digital Health application development requires broad experience in diverse domains such as user experience design, persuasive design, computer science, health behavior theories, and rigorous empirical research. Radiant is uniquely qualified in this domain; we have the right experience to deliver impactful and effective programs.

  • Assessment
  • Intervention Planning
  • User Research
  • Design
  • Development
  • Evaluation
  • Ongoing Support


User Discovery & Research
Intervention Strategy
User Experience Design
Software Development
Support & Maintenance

Application Development

Radiant delivers robust software systems in complex, demanding, and collaborative environments.

We develop, deploy, and manage custom applications for the web, desktops, mobile devices, and tablets. We provide services to a broad range of Fortune 500 companies, federal government entities, and middle-market businesses.


We draw on our vast experience in established and emerging software development practices such as Agile and DevOps to speed delivery and rapidly respond to change. We reduce cost through continuous integration, continuous deployment, and constant iterative improvement.

Our emphasis on rigorous screening, ongoing skills training, and methodical knowledge management ensures that we recruit and retain top talent.

Finally, we provide centers of excellence, encouraging our staff to stay current on the latest tools and technologies and help our customers evolve along with technology.


Enterprise User Experience

Radiant employs iterative, data-driven approaches to design experiences that simplify complex functionality and achieve the highest ease-of-use. Our comprehensive Enterprise User Experience (EUX) services include user research, interaction design, interface implementation, empirical evaluation, and maintenance. We work in partnership with our clients to understand domain drivers, user requirements, business perspectives, and technical factors that impact user experience strategy and implementation. Integrating these insights, we deliver measurable increases in user productivity, satisfaction, and technology acceptance.

Scalable Architecture

The effective architectural strategy aligns technical approaches with business priorities. Our solutions span multi-tiered architectures, web services, APIs, mobile solutions, legacy integration, middleware enabled solutions, web portals, cloud solution integration, and more. We focus on emerging standards and highly scalable frameworks to develop applications that will exceed your expectations.

Agile Development

We have extensive experience building enterprise applications using Agile development frameworks. The speed, transparency, and flexibility afforded by agile maximize value for our customers.


Radiant helps clients adapt and institutionalize emerging practices such as DevOps to increase efficiency, reduce cost, and maximize delivery speed. We can demonstrate how DevOps helps the business, development, test, and operations teams collaborate to accelerate the application development life cycle.

Test Automation

We help clients improve the speed of delivery and the robustness of application systems through test automation. We design and execute comprehensive quality assurance and test automation strategies. Our solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your development processes with an in-depth knowledge of the software development process and scalable test automation frameworks. Our test automation approaches support Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behavior Driven Development (BDD).

Maintenance and Operations

Radiant can provide support for all of your systems across the project lifecycle. Once systems are operational, we provide Tier 1 through Tier 3 support on your systems. This includes legacy systems integration, reverse engineering of undocumented systems, and incremental technology refresh to deploy maintenance enhancements with a planned release roadmap.


Our modern approach to application development, combined with our mobile-first and cloud-first mindset, provides remarkable benefits to our customers. Our philosophy is centered on increasing productivity and reducing the cost of development with small, tightly-knit teams that implement software iteratively at a rapid pace.

Our approach allows our clients to be highly responsive to emerging customer needs and market demands.

Increase productivity
Continuous delivery
Reduce defects
Faster delivery
Enhance stability
Improve performance